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St James’ Electric Theatre

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Next to St James Street station, on the Chingford branch, there is an impressive looking building,  it’s a dental practice.  But look again, do you see the steps …

You are looking at one of Walthamstow’s many lost cinemas. St James’ Electric Theatre was built in 1911 with 500 seats. During the First World War wounded soliders were admitted free.

It was said that when trains passed through the station, the projector trembled and drowned the sound.

The name was changed to Super in 1919 and to Regent in 1932. It went through the thirties being closed and re-opened till final closure in 1939.

Let us be thankful the grand old building has found use as a dental practice and not been demolished. Let us also shed a tear for the fact that here  in Waltham Forest, birthplace  of Alfred Hitchcock, we have no cinemas …