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The map on my polling card

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As I got ready to go and vote this morning, I looked at the map on my polling card. Nice clear map, then I looked again.

There was a box shape and the lettering Pol ho at the junction of Shrubland Road with the Lea Bridge Road. You will know from my earlier posts that my trusty 1915 OS map often reveals clues about the area I live in.

At this point on the 1915 map there is indeed a Police Station. It’s not there now, just some flats and windswept open space. The nearest we have to a Police Station now at Balers Arms is you sometimes see two Community Support Officers standing next to a paste table at the crossroads with a sign that declares “Information Point.”

The map on my polling card has served it’s purpose, it showed me where the polling station is and I have voted.  I decided not to tell them about the map.